(1981, Asturias )

 I am a freelance photographer and Gestalt & PNL Teraphist currently based in Barcelona.I combine my work with participatory photography projects, my own personal projects as well as teaching.

My photography  focuses on the human and identity through portraiture, self-portrait and Participatory Photography. The body as a starting point, has a great experimental factor that drinks from dance, poetry, feminine and symbolic universes that the unconscious body generates.

I constantly question what reality offers me and what lies behind. I rely on photography as a tool for the process of personal transformation itself and as the generator of a change of social consciousness.Wim Wenders proposes a perfect definition with which I feel close: "Taking photographs is an act in two directions: forward, shoot the photograph and backward records an x-ray of the photographer's mind when looking directly through his eye to the bottom Of his soul. "

Interview in Quesabesde Magazine



2003 Bachelor degree in Comunication,Universidad Pontificia,Salamanca (Spain)


Profesional Photography, EFTI, Madrid (Spain)

Technical in Cinema Lighting, ECAM, Madrid (Spain)

BA in Cultural Journalism, IART, Madrid ( Spain )

2016  Gestalt  Teraphist, Institut Gestalt,Barcelona (Spain)

 Practioner PNL,IRCO,Barcelona (Spain)

2015  Postgraduate degree in "Body and Art", ALAS, Andres Waksman,Barcelona (Spain) 

2016  Postgraduate degree in Trabajo Corporal Integrativo (TCI ), Luis Carbajal, Barcelona (Spain)




 2006  Paulo Nozolino,Photoespaña, Madrid (Spain)

2006 - 2012 Seminary of Photojournalism in Albarracin directing by Gervasio Sánchez(Spain)

2013  Antonin Kratokvil,Al-liquindoi, Murcia (Spain)

2014  Luca Tronci,CFD, Barcelona (Spain)

2015  Ricky Dávila,Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón (Spain)

2016  Alvaro Laiz, El Observatorio, Barcelona (Spain)

2016 Mariela Sancari, El Observatorio, Barcelona (Spain)

 Participatory Photography:

 2014 Forum de Arte para la Mejora Social ( Caixaforum, Barcelona (Spain)

2014 Las Ciento Volando, Lens Escuela, Madrid (Spain)

2015 Pau Coll ( RUIDO), Barcelona (Spain)

2016 Jornadas Transit Tales ( CFD, Barcelona (Spain)

 BUTOH dance

2008 Three months workshop Himalaya Subbody butoh School, Dharamsala (India)

2011  Atsushi Takenouchi, Berlin (Germany)

2012 Sonja Heller, Berlin (Germany)

2012 Lobsang, Berlin (Germany)


2016  Finalist, Emergentes DST - Encontros da Imagem Festival - Braga (Portugal)

2016  Finalist, Descubrimientos Photoespaña, Madrid (Spain)

2015  Finalist, Género y Figura - Reivindicando a las mujeres fotógrafas (Spain)

2013 Colaboration with the project “Enfocadas” by Eva Sala /NOPHOTOVOZ and Marcela Lockett financed by  Obra Social de la Caixa Grant (Spain)

2015 Recipient  Obra Social de la Caixa Grant: Codesign and facilitation of the Participatory Photo project"Puc fer un milio de coses",Barcelona (Spain)

2010   Faro Scholarship as assistant of the photographer Nathalie Daoust,Berlín (Germany)

2009   Finalist,Foconorte Festival, Santander (Spain)

2008 Scholarship in Photography and Journalism Festival provided by Gervasio Sánchez,Albarrarcín ( Spain)


2016  Photography Participatory Project"Ch'alla",FotoFest Festival,La Paz (Bolivia)

2015  Butohgraphies,Espai Fotográfic Can Basté, Barcelona (Spain)

2013  Ausencia,Galería Texu,Oviedo (Spain)

2012  Kathanna,Mediadvanced Gallery,Gijón (Spain)

2011  Ausencia,Marzia Frozen Gallery,Berlín (Germany)

2010  Kathanna,Miscelánea Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)

2010  Ausencia,International Art Exhibition in Auroville (India)

2010 Ausencia,“Triple Base Gallery”,San Francisco (USA)2010  Ausencia,Sevilla Photo10, Sevilla (Spain )

2009 Kathanna, Festival Foconorte,Santander (Spain)

2009 Ausencia,Photography and Journalism Festival, Albarracín (Spain)